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      The social contradictions in the new era are reflected in education: the contradiction between the growing demand for fair and quality education and the unbalanced and inadequate development of education industry. However, online education has great potential to transform education, which is a significant way to break the contradiction of education in the new era and promote teaching and education reform.
          The emergence of online education and development of related technologies have led to the transformation of education in the Internet era. The global education workers also face new challenges and opportunities. They face challenges on how to improve the quality of online higher educationto enable learners to obtain high-quality learning experience and learning effects.In addition, they must understand how to transform and upgrade online education modelsto guarantee the sustainabilityand scalability to meet the future global demands of online education. Solving these issues are core factors related to institutions entering this fast-track industry.
          Catering to the global needs of our educationalindustry, the 2018 US-Sino Online Higher Education Summit will be held under the theme of improving quality of online higher education and the promoting US-Sino higher education cooperation.Communicating best practices and learning about new innovations in online higher education for China and the United States will be a central focal point. Presenters and participants are leaders and professionals coming from well-known and respected universitiesand online educationalcompanies. Topics includeonline platforms, effective faculty engagement and teaching practices, curriculum design, learning resources and tools, technical supportand operational management of platforms. Innovative and valuable research practices will also be introduced. The Summit will provide attendees with a high-quality academic and international education forum to jointly promote information exchanges,best practicesand an opportunity to develop cooperative agreements in the field of global online education.

Date Time Topic
May 31 Morning Session 8:30-12:00 Opening Ceremony and Keynotes of 2018 US-Sino Online Higher Education Summit
14:00-17:30 Online Curriculum Resources Construction and Teaching Design
May 31 Afternoon Sessions 14:00-17:30 Faculty Improvement in Online Learning Environment
14:00-17:30 Learning Support in Online Learning Environment
8:30-10:00 Online Education Platform Construction and Technical Support
June 1 Morning Sessions 8:30-10:00 Online Education Management Mode and Evaluation Mechanism
8:30-10:00 Information exchange, Results Sharing and Win-Win Cooperation in
10:30-12:00 Keynote Speech and Closing Ceremony
Summit Topics
  • 1.Quality and Standard of Higher Online Education;

  • 2.Online Curriculum Resource Development and Teaching Design;

  • 3. Faculty Effectiveness;

  • 4.Learning Support;

  • 5.Platform Development and Technical Support

  • 6.Operational Management and Evaluation Tools;

  • 7.US-Sino Higher Education Cooperation;

Proposed Guests
  • 1.Leaders from well-known U.S. Universities;

  • 2.Person in charge from office of Academic Affairs, Teaching Development Center and MOOC department in China Universities;

  • 3.Person in Charge from China network colleges, continuing education colleges, opening university, radio and television university, higher vocational college and secondary vocational school.;

  • 4.Leading experts in online education field, leaders from founder institutions of online education consortiums

  • 5.Persons in charge from MOOC platform both in China and U.S., and online education technology institutions.

  • 6.Person in charge from education research institutions and related media organizations.

  • 7.Related Persons who pay attention to online higher education.

Date:May 31-June1, 2018
Location:Shanghai, China
Event Theme:Improve quality of online higher education and promoteUS-Sino higher education cooperation
Organizer:Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Co-Organizers:U.S. Online Learning Consortium(OLC),CMS Global (U.S.)
Logistics Coordinator: China Education Media
Assistant Organizer:CNMOOC
Supporting Institutions: Intercollegiate Research Branch of China Higher Education Institute, Collaboration Group of China National College Modern Remote Education
【Organizer Introduction】Shanghai Jiaotong University    One of the most famous universities in China, which enjoys a long history and is renowned both at home and abroad. Ranked #6 in China, this key university is directly under the ownership of the Ministry of Education in China and jointly established with Shanghai City. After 122 years of unremitting efforts, Shanghai Jiaotong University has become a "comprehensive, research-oriented, and internationalized" domestic first-class, international renowned university.
【Co-Organizer Introduction】Online Learning Consortium (OLC)   Online Learning Consortium is initiated by several well-known U.S. universities, online education institutions, and education leaders and innovators around the world. The consortium aims to accelerate the digitization of education industry worldwide and improve the standardization of the global online teaching system. OLC is committed to guiding the joint construction and sharing of global online education industry resources and promoting the comprehensive integration of digital technology and education.
CMS Global (CMSG)   CMS Global is the leader in Employment Ready Education. Headquartered in the United States, CMS Global’ s business has expanded to several foreign countries, including China and Vietnam. Through CMSG’s innovative & proprietary platforms, they provide global access to quality education for everyone. With the introduction of U.S. technology driven higher education, students can achieve the same high-quality American education at an affordable cost.
At present, CMSG has established cooperative relationships with many U.S. universities which include University of Florida, Colorado State University Global Campus, Herzing University, Wilmington University, Seton Hill University, Southern Utah University, Patten University and McKendree University.

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